Personal Branding Hacks in 2021 (A Must Have One)

Personal branding hacks

For all those who might start with a question, what does personal branding do? Personal branding provides the power and the potential to establish an identity for any business. It can help you skyrocket your business and grab all the opportunities you could have in the market in terms of revenue generation or reputation. It has a huge significance, especially for all those opting for online marketing. Personal branding may entail activities like blogging, networking, content creation, social media engagement and others.

Personal branding allows anybody to make a major mark in the online business world. In this article, we talk about some personal branding hacks that will quickly allow you to start making things in your favor. Personal branding takes a lot of effort. Building a brand isn’t an easy task and takes a lot of commitment in terms of time, and strategy. It could appear ambitious at times but the goals are attainable. The techniques might appear easy but they need commitment and proper execution. Here are some personal branding hacks tailored just for you:

Start with a personal brand logo

Do you remember any brand’s name whenever you see a bold tick mark? What about a big M? You easily get it: Nike and McDonald’s. This is what the brand logo does. Even the studies suggest that human brains interpret pictures faster than texts. The fore, logos help in making a mark in the mind of users that they are less likely to forget. The images help in engaging with the mind of users. Connecting the logo with the personal brand could take time though. You will have to create an atmosphere where your users interact with the logo more. And upon connecting, there is no issue for the people recognizing your brand.

Develop a tagline for your personal brand

Connecting image is important however, personal branding requires something more added to it. There needs to be something you wish to communicate. You will have to engrave a thought. Think about what you wish or what your intent is. Get it brief and precise. The simpler the idea is, the better and easier it is to communicate. Nokia used the tagline “Connecting people”. It completely made sense as they intended to enhance telecommunication experience via their mobile phones. There are many popular brands with a simple and brief tagline that is hung up on people’s tongue. They work as brand identity. You will need to work on this personal branding hack too.

Upload professional photos

branding hacks

Your photos will be something that will be explaining more about your personal brand. Therefore, having professional photos on websites or social media is essential. You may not want to post some random pics that would let you get mixed with and lost among others in the social connectivity scene. You will want to standout which requires great portraits and photos. It doesn’t mean photos captured like that of a model but having it high quality and unique could do wonders. Your portraits and photos should reflect your personality and essence. This personal branding hack can help you make a quick mark in the industry and among your audiences.

Start sharing contents via podcast

A large number of people consider podcasts as a great source of information. Moreover, podcasts seem to be trending today. However, you might have a concern, what if you don’t have active listeners of a hefty number of audiences. Will it matter? It won’t matter much. This personal branding hack doesn’t intend to aware or educate others via the content you share. Rather, you look forward to establishing your personal branding identity. People will start taking you as an effective communicator, a leader in a certain niche, or even an authority with respect. Starting a podcast is very easy and doesn’t even require larger expenses. There are lots of platforms available on the internet that allow you to start your podcast immediately.personal branding

Maintain consistency on the social media

Consistency remains important. You should be actively engaging with your circle over the social media. Maintaining a high social media presence is important or else your personal branding could ultimately fall apart. This applies to all social media handles you use. If you look at some of the biggest influencers, the most effective personal branding hack they use is consistency in terms of social media posts. They are regular with posts and engagement via their social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This keeps the interaction live between them and their followers. Most of the people tend to lose their commitment after some time. But consistency is something that will always matter.

Explore cross-promotion opportunities

Your friends are the true ambassadors and influencer to your brands. You can explore for cross-promotion opportunities with your friends or any other platforms. Against paid adverts, recommendations, and cross-promotions are more effective as they are organic. The cross-promotion can be as simple as re-sharing the posts, tweets, or sharing product or service reviews. Partnering up helps in getting maximum exposure. This personal branding hack helps to grab quick and wider engagements.

Be authentic with your contents

Social media are filled with fake and fraud content. We come across click baits often. It is important to make sure you present something you are confident about and you are authentic of. You are building credibility. Personal branding shouldn’t start with something non-authentic. It could take time but people appreciate authenticity more instead of pretending over something you are not. Moreover, you shouldn’t care what people think. You will have to continue building your brand on authentic grounds.

Personal branding takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. The growth takes place gradually. But what one should understand is, once the growth starts the pace accelerates. This is a general phenomenon noticed for all major social media influences regardless of the social media platforms they use. It takes personal commitment, time investment, strategy, and effort at first to gain success. The personal branding hacks work as the catalyst but may not function solely on their own. Maintaining integrity to yourself and what you deliver also marks your success.